Privat vehicle

the Pais Arena is located among several major highways, and offers optimal accessibility.

From North – drive on the Begin South highway, exit at Malcha Junction

From South – drive on the Begin north highway, exit at Malcha Junction, turn right to David Benbenishti St.

Parking – Several parking lots are located around the Pais Arena – The Malcha Mall parking lot, Teddi Stadium parking lot, Egged parking lot and the Technological garden parking lot.

Public transportation

Arrival via public transportation is possible from the central station, city center and the light rail stations across Jerusalem.

To plan your arrival to the Arena click here

Israel Railways
The Israel Railways station is located in a 5 minute walking distance from the Arena

‘Park and go’ parking lots offering shuttles to the Arena – Only on Game night (please check to make sure a shuttle is availble)

“Bait” parking lot (near Sha’are zedek hospital)

Ammunution Hill parking lot (north)

The Jerusalem Zoo parking lot (south)