Jerusalem is the place where history and reality meets creating an exceptional combination of an ancient city with a long tradition with a young, hip and lively city. The most advanced sports arena was built in the heart of the city. There is no other place in the country that can compare to the atmosphere and innovation of The Pais Arena Sport Hall in Jerusalem. The Pais Arena Sport Hall in Jerusalem is the new showcase of many cultural, entertainment and sports events in Israel.

The Arena itself extends to over a total of ​​47 thousand square meters with six levels, ​​2,400 square meters, 12 galleries, 16 viewing cells and 11,000 seats.

On the top of the arena in the center, stands a cube shaped 200 square meter LED video board which is the largest of its kind in Europe.

The planning for the Hall was carried out in accordance to the modern concept practiced around the world, mainly that the place must be teeming with life all year round and not just during basketball games or other sports venues. As a result of this concept, the Hall was designed so that it will function as a closed center for culture, entertainment and leisure activities and provide visitors with a diverse cultural experience.

The Arena serves as the home to the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team for local and international home games and is ready to welcome thousands of fans for each game. The arena is also home to many Israeli international basketball games, Israeli cup basketball games, ice hockey games, the final four of the Israeli basketball league, and other sports events.

The Arena also hosts performances by Israeli and international artists. It is also home to many live performances, cultural festivals, TV productions, conferences and exhibitions around the country and the world, and to many family events while adjusting to the number of participants in the each event.

The Hall was designed and built according to the international standards of stadium building and was funded by the National lottery and the Municipality of Jerusalem. The arena was built as a part of a large range of developmental investments in cultural and folklore in the city of Jerusalem, placing it as a leading and trendsetting city when it comes to culture.

The place is operated and managed by the ‘Ariel Company’, with its vast experience and accumulated knowledge, the Ariel Company have become the leaders in Israel in its respective field.